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Our organisation is pleased to offer a top-notch pet care service that caters to the crucial needs of Assistance Animals for NDIS participants. Our skilled and compassionate professionals provide comprehensive pet care services to ensure that these animals receive the necessary attention and care they deserve.

Our pet care service includes bringing your pets to vets, grooming services, feeding and watering,  and general companionship. Our team of certified pet care professionals guarantee the utmost level of care, comfort and safety for the Assistance Animals under our watch.

We understand that pet care for Assistance Animals serve a significant purpose in the lives of our NDIS participants, and we recognise the immense responsibility that comes along with caring for them. Our pet care service meets and exceeds the highest standards of professionalism and ethical practice, as we work to reinforce the positive impact of these animals on our participants’ lives.

We pride ourselves on our transparent and person-centred approach to delivering services, which ensures we deliver the best possible outcomes for our participants’ Assistance Animals. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional care, excellent communication, and easy accessibility to ensure a stress-free experience for both our participants and their Assistance Animals.

In conclusion, our pet care service goes above and beyond to support the vital role that Assistance Animals have in the lives of NDIS participants. Our service is reliable, tailored, and delivered with the highest regard for the well-being of our participants’ Assistance Animals.

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